NEMPS classes are held in Building U of university Lusófona, which comprises, in addition to classrooms with capacity up to 40 persons, 2 lecturing auditoriums.

NEMPS PhD Students are hosted by the ULHT research unit in informatics, COPELABS (Cognitive and People-centric Computing). Each student is provided with a module composed of desk, chair, drawers, as well as access to COPELABS testbeds and additional infrastructures, such as social area, meeting rooms, etc.

Specific equipment dedicated to R&D activities, including testing facilities, such as the IoT Lab; wireless testbeds; software tools such as MatLab, NetSim, OMNET++.
Students have access as well to monographies via Library Vitor de Sa which comprises over 4,000 monografies, periodicals, and access to journals/magazines.

Furthermore, via Universidade Lusófona, students are also entitled to regular online scientific repositiories (e.g. ISI Web of Science; IEEExplore; ACM Digital Library) and printed periodicals provided by the Library.

Universidade Lusófona offers students regular facilities such as a Student's Hall, free Wi-Fi access on campus; online administrative services, as well as remote virtual labs. Courses are recorded via regular e-learning tools.