Application Form

The NEMPS application process is performed in two steps:

First Step

Fill the application form, and send all documents to Please provide in a single pdf and in annex to the Curriculum Vitae the following documents:

  • Application letter directed to the NEMPS Direction expressing the intent to ingress in NEMPS, and the motivation to do so. Please provide a declaration of intention in terms of what you expect by obtaining a PhD; your scientific/research interests, as well as goals to be achieved.
  • Curriculum Vitae updated and comprising at least academic degress; working experience; publications; thesis supervision; patents; projects.
  • Copy of your Passport or Identification Card.
  • Certificates for each of the academic degrees provided. Please notice that BEng and M.Sc. degrees need to be recognized by the Portuguese diplomatic or consular representation existing in their country of origin and translated by an official translator (except documents in Spanish, French and English).
  • For the candidates that do not have an MSc, please provide a folder containing your most representative material in terms of professional or academic track-record.
  • Preferably, Two recommendation letters.

Second Step

University Lusófona sends you a registration number and you need to process a payment of an application fee to the bank account provided in the e-mail. The application will only be considered after this payment is acknowledged by Universidade Lusófona.

Ex-students of Grupo Lusófona should apply selecting "Titulares de Curso Superior - Grupo Lusófona" to benefit from applicable discount fees.

Application Phases

Applications are open all year and are processed in batches, according with the phases:

PeriodInterviews / Curricular AssessmentNotification
01.02.2019-22.03.2019 25-29.03.2019 04.04.2019
23.03.2019-17.05.2019 20-24.05.2019 30.05.2019
18.05.2019-14.06.2019 17-21.06.2019 27.06.2019
15.06.2019-19.07.2019 22-26.07.2019 31.07.2019
20.07.2019-13.09.2019 16.09.2019-20.09.2019 26.09.2019
14.09.2019-04.10.2019 7-11.10.2019 17.10.2019


Conditions and Requirements

Applicants must satisfy at least one the following requirements, which are based on Portuguese regulation:

  • To have an MSc or similar post-graduation degree in one of the following areas: Informatics, Electrical/Electronics and Computer Engineering; Multimedia, or any other similar area .
  • To have a graduation in national or international institution recognized by the NEMPS Scientific Commission.
  • To have a graduation in national or international institution recognized by the NEMPS Scientific Commission.
  • The applicants should speak and write fluenty in english.

Selection Process

The selection process is peformed by the NEMPS Scientific Commission. Each element provides an individual perspective on the candidate based on the documentation provided. The curriculum shall be evaluated based on the following parameters:

  • Academic Degrees and training.
  • Research experience/track-record.
  • Professional experience.

To perform such analysis, the following criteria are considered:

  • Quantitative and qualitative academic records;
  • Prior expertise;
  • Participation in research projects;
  • Publication of scientific papers in peer-reviewed proceedings, journals, etc, within the context of Informatics Sciences;

The selection phase shall consider both a first round of selection based on the documents provided. The candidates that pass this phase shall be interviewed remotely or locally.

The selection process, interviews included, shall be provided by the Scientific Commission. The final decision shall be provided to applicants within 10 working days after the notification deadline.

Course Fees

The fees of the NEMPS course are available here.

New students can request access to the scholarship of University Lusofona that will provide them exemption from paying the course fees.