New Media and Pervasive Systems

Novos Media e Sistemas Ubíquos


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2018.12.12: Scholarships

The NEMPS PhD programme provides all the needed support for the student to submit a scholarship proposal to the Portuguese Science Fundation. The student will work together with his/her advisor in order to elaborabe a winning proposal. Information about current open calls from the Portuguese Science Foundations can be found in:

Furthermore, ULHT provides free tuitions to the best students in each edition. Check the regulation here.

For additional scholarships, check the research unit COPELABS open positions page.

2018.11.22: Beginning of the NEMPS 2018/2019 Edition.

11.10.2018: Student Godwin Anuork Asamooning proposes the thesis "Distributed Orchestration of Wireless Smart Cameras"

09.10.2018: Student Daniel Maniglia Silva proposes the thesis "Unified Communications and Contextualization in IoT"

17.07.2018: Presentation of ongoing work by student Godwin Anuork Asamooning - Distributed Edge Computing for Smart Cameras

05.06.2018: Presentation of ongoing work by student Helder Valente - Internet of Things Unified Communications in Smart Cities

24.04.2018: Presentation of ongoing work by student D. Silva - Contextualization and unified communication in Internet of Things, COPELABS C-BRAIN-2018-9

31.01.2018: Student Liliana I. Carvalho proposes the thesis "Pervasive Sensing in the Context of Well-being".