New Media and Pervasive Systems

Novos Media e Sistemas Ubíquos

NEMPS 2016/2017 Edition

NEMPS aims to complement MSc training in Science and Engineering, by providing advanced training in novel fields of Informatics Sciences, namely, in New Media and Pervasive Communication Systems.
For the 2016/2017 edition the NEMPS PhD program had a total of 21 applicants with a 42% acceptance rate.
The 2016/2017 edition started in December, with courses on Digital Media, Cooperative Wireless Systems, Interactive Design, Pervasive Communication Systems, and Complex Systems.
Students will submit their PhD thesis proposals until June 2017. The research work is done in the COPELABS research center, where students have the opportunity to work in international projects (e.g. the H2020 UMOBILE project), interdisciplinary projects (e.g. the Proxemics Data Lab) or in internal projects (e.g. CitySense).

The schedule for 2016/2017

Start of the curricular year 15.12.2016
First Semester - Classes 05.01.2017 - 31.03.2017
First Semester - Exams 03.04.2017 - 07.04.2017
Second semester - Classes 24.04.2017 - 21.07.2017
Second Semester - Exams 24.07.2017 - 28.07.2017
COPELABS OPEN DAY May 2017 (Date to be announced)
NEMPS WORKSHOP May 2017 (Date to be announced)
Thesis Proposals Discussion - First Phase 17.07.2017 - 21.07.2017
Thesis Proposals Discussion - Second Phase 11.09.2017 - 15.09.2017
Closure Curricular Year 29.09.2017
Christmas Holidays 19.12.2016 - 01.01.2017
Easter Holidays 08.04.2017 - 22.04.2017 

Bolsas Doutoramento / PhD Scholarships

Scholarships supported by COPELABS // Bolsas de doutoramento apoiadas pela COPELABS

COPELABS supports 3 scholarships in the edition of 2016/2017. The call for COPELABS scholarships has closed. Additional opportunities may appear in 2017.


A unidade de investigação COPELABS  apoia 3 bolsas de doutoramento no ano lectivo 2016/2017. A chamada a mais bolsas apoiadas pela COPELABS está fechada. Mais oportunidades serão oferecidas no ano lectivo 2017/2018.

FCT Scholarships // Bolsas de doutoramento FCT

The NEMPS PhD programme provides all the needed support for the student to submit a scholarship proposal to the Portuguese Science Fundation. The student will work together with his/her advisor in order to elaborabe a winning proposal. Information about current open calls from the Portuguese Science Foundations can be found in:


O programa de doutoramento NEMPS, fornece todo o apoio necessário à submissão, pelo aluno, de uma proposta de tese de doutoramento à Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT). O aluno irá trabalhar conjuntamente com o seu orientador na elaboração de uma proposta vencedora. Informação sobre as chamadas abertas pela FCT pode ser encontrada em: 

 Scholarships supported by Senception Lda // Bolsas de doutoramento apoiada pela Senception Lda

The Portuguese start-up Senception Lda, partner of the NEMPS PhD programme, offer 1 PhD scholarship in industry, following the article 6 of the PhD Scholarhip regulation of the Portuguese Science Fundation.


A start-up portuguese Senception Lda, parceira do programa de doutoramento NEMPS, oferece 1 bolsa de doutoramento em empresa, de acordo com o artigo 6º do regulamento de bolsa da Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia.